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Stories of Benson the Wombat, his family and friends

CJ and PA Smith

This podcast is episodic story telling, where each episode in a series is a reading from one of the many Benson stories. We are currently publishing series 5. Each story describes a separate event in the life of a young wombat named Benson, his mother and his two aunts Lillibet and Moss. There may be one or two other friends turning up in some of the stories from time to time. Each story stands on its own and time or space is generally not so important. You could imagine that each story describes events somewhere in the Australian native land where wombats tend to burrow. All stories written by P A Smith and originally published on a Wordpress blog from around 2019-2021+. All podcast episodes read by the author, unless otherwise noted and produced by C J Smith.To actually read the stories or leave comments for the Author please go to:-